Friday, January 30, 2009

Driving tips, news

We went to dinner tonight at Wren -- an awesome kind-of-new restaurant in town. Loved the decor, ambiance, and the food. And we were thrilled to finally get in. The place has been booked solid since it opened!

Anyway ... on the way to dinner, Allen was telling us about the traffic lights that he saw. We've been teaching him what red, yellow, and green mean, so he gets very excited as he sees each light. He'll say, "here comes another one!"

Well, tonight, he deciding to help Papa out with his driving ... when we approached a red light, Allen would say, "Watch Wahyen! It's wed!!" ("Wahyen" is how Allen says Papa's name -- Warren). Or he would yell, "Stop, Wahyen!" It was absolutely classic (and sounds just like his Nana).

In other news, I'm happy to announce that my husband got a job!!! He starts right after we get back from Disney World. Yay Brian!!!



Jenn said...

CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN!!!!! So happy for you. Leggy, Ill call you tomorrow.

PWNort64 said...

Yippeee! Have a blast in Disney. We're going in June (without Henry...long story) and staying the same place as you. We're going again in 2010 for Henry's first trip and I'm already very excited about it.

drevas said...

Wow lots of exciting news and funny story. Yay for Brian and can't wait to hear all the Disney World stories!

KMag said...

Congrats, Brian!

And I've been hearing "watch Wahyen" for, oh 35 years or so. I'm glad to have new guy on our team.