Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost Forgot

See those little white spots on the screen? That was snow on our screen door yesterday. Yes, we actually had snow in southern South Carolina!

Allen now says, "Sugar mama" because he heard me say that instead of another word that begins with an "s" when I stepped on one of his cars.

And finally, can you believe that Lost is finally back on?!?! Does anyone still watch it? I had just about given up, but something in me can't let go. At least we finally found out tonight that the premise of the show involves time travel.

Gotta go, it's back from commercial!



KMag said...

Had no idea that time travel would ever have been the back story to Lost. Like Regis, I was sure a dinosaur was involved. (I've never watched the show, can you tell?)


Jenn said...

nope, never saw it, I think it was always on during our meetings.

Megan Lynn said...

I'm so glad you didn't say more! We're going to a "lost" party tonight. A friend of ours has a projector screen, so we're watching it life-size!! Can't wait!

drevas said...

I didn't realize Lost was back on until I read your post! Thank goodness I could watch it online for free.