Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Sweet Boy

By some freakish series of events, we were actually up on time this morning. And, Allen was being really good while Mommy and Daddy got ready! In fact, when I went to check on him, I saw him reading his Cars book to himself. What a sweetheart!

So to continue the freakishly good streak we were having, we got to the meeting about 10 minutes early (which is huge for us). Then, Allen was wonderful during most of the meeting. He did have a couple issues towards the end of the Watchtower (he was choking Mommy with her necklace and being too noisy), but overall he was really fabulous.

I was happy enough with that, but it actually got better! After his nap he was a sweetheart while Mommy and Daddy worked on filing; ate his dinner like a champ; and went right upstairs for his bath. He actually thanked me for washing him! And then hugged me while I was drying him off, and said, "Yuv ou Mommy." What a sweetheart!

It's days like these that make the terrible-twos bearable.



PWNort64 said...

Yep...these kinds of days are the best.

KMag said...

He is just too, too much. Have I told you lately how much I love him? Oh, and I love you, too little sis of mine.

See you in 12 days!

KMag said...

Two more things--did you ever post pics of his new rearranged room? And his feet look really big for 2. Maybe it's just the angle?