Monday, January 12, 2009

Murphy Day!!!

The waiting is finally over. Murphy was delivered today. We had prepped Allen, so all morning he kept saying, "Muphy Henicks comin' !" He couldn't wait to see him. As soon as Lori and Carol arrived, Allen wanted Murphy to sit on his "yap." Here they are getting to know each other a little bit.
(Notice the lovely quilt, made by Carol. She made one for each of the pups. Isn't that sweet??)

Here are some other lovely shots of the little guy ...
Sleeping on Lori

Sleeping on Daddy (he does a lot of this)

The happy family

Cute little face

Bedtime Story ... both boys so sleepy!

Playing next to Mommy

So far, he's a perfect little pumpkin. The perfect puppy for Allen because he is very content to sit on someone's "yap" and sleep. He's done some exploring, but I think he's pretty worn out from such a big day.

Thank you so much to the Clark family for such a wonderful puppy. And thank you Lori and Carol for driving him up here to us today. We love you all so much!



Megan Lynn said...

oh my, so cute!

MomMom said...

Hello Murphy Hendricks - welcome to the family. Just remember to stay just as cute as you are today! Luv y'all!!
MomMom and the Pa branch of the family

KMag said...

very very cute! I'm so glad the he and Allen love each other already. Can't wait to hear more. How is Mia handling this?

PaPa said...

Murphy and Allen will be quite the team! It will be wonderful for Allen to have someone to look after and train as your are doing with him.

We thank the Clarks for this wonderful gift and miss them very much.

PWNort64 said...

Oh my, he's the cutest thing ever!

Lori said...

The pictures of Murphy with his new family are so precious! I can feel the love! So happy for all of you!