Friday, January 23, 2009

Lost ... Really

OK, D and M ... what did you think of Lost? Are you as confused as I am? Thoughts? Theories? Frustrations? As for me, I'm totally ... well, lost. So I appreciate your thoughts and comments, if you would like to share. Also, do you think Sawyer is a hottie? I do, even though I'm not usually a "scruff kind of guy.


PS Photo courtesy of ABC.


drevas said...

Hm. I just wanted Sawyer to put a shirt on. So I thought it was funny when he tried to make that other guy give him his shirt. I also did not like the Borne Identity type fight scene with Sayid. The rest was interesting. I don't think I ever totally know what's going on with that show, but I think that's kinda the point.

Anonymous said...

Our usual agreement at the end of "LOST" was the same this week - we are left with more questions than answers - but it doesn't matter. We'll be back next week anyway. I guess you miss "LOST lunch", huh, Legs?!
By the way, hope you love "Paul Blart..." as much as we did.

Megan Lynn said...

I thought it was good...a bit graphic in some scenes, but it is all starting to come together... I think it says a lot about a person if they are more drawn to Jack or Sawyer. I am not really attracted to either, but I think I would have to wear a Team Sawyer shirt if there was ever a Jolie/Anistan type of battle...