Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ice cream and independence

I had an interesting day today ... I won't go into it, but the morning was very frustrating for me. But thanks to my Dad, Brian and I got to go on a date this afternoon, so I was in much better spirits this afternoon.

The five of us (my mom, dad, Brian, Allen, and I) went to an early dinner, where Allen was absolutely fabulous! He ate most of his dinner; he smiled and giggled; he charmed the waiter and other diners. He was so good that we decided he should get ice cream for dessert.

Unfortunately, they didn't serve ice cream at the restaurant, so we went off in search of ice cream elsewhere. We finally happened upon a place that was open, and after what seemed like a half-hour we were in the car with all our treats.

Allen ate his own ice cream, plus about half of my ice cream cone. Here's a little glimpse of his ice-creamy face.
He's expressing his independence more and more lately. Tonight, we had a minor meltdown in the car because he wanted to hold my ice cream cone by himself (which we know would have ended in a huge mess). He also has decided (most of the time, at least) to climb the stairs by himself. Here's a picture of his cute little bum going up the steps.

That's all for now. Goodnight, loves.



PWNort64 said...

Independence...that double-edged sword. You want them to be independent, and at the same time, you don't. Have fun with it!

KMag said...

Of course he wants to hold the ice cream cone by himself--that's more fun and it's how the "big" people do it. I love his little bottom as he climbs the stairs--not exactly how the "big" people do it.

miss you and can't wait for Disney!