Sunday, January 18, 2009

Orangeburg, Craziness

Hello my loves! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted. We no sooner got back from Atlanta than we had to trek to Orangeburg for our Circuit Assembly (OK we had about five days in between, but those days don't really count).

Sadly, because I was feeling so overwhelmed and disorganized, I neglected to pack our camera for the assembly. Which is truly a shame because the kid looked so flippin' cute! He wore a suit each day, and was so proud of his handsomeness that the cheesy, self-important smiles were very much in abundance.

Allen flirted with everyone. I mean every single girl. We went to Ruby Tuesday on Friday night, and he struck up a conversation (sort of) with two girls in the booth behind us. Within five minutes, the waitress was holding him, and he had to give each girl in the booth a hug before he left.

He was also quite smitten with a little girl named Jasmin who sat in front of us at the assembly yesterday. And Allen is no dummy. He decided he needed to make friends with her daddy too. He leaned down and put his chin on his shoulder and chatted him up the entire day.

Yesterday we sat near our circuit overseer, Brother Campbell. Since we just had his visit, Allen was able to recognize him quite easily. Each time he was on stage throughout the day, Allen said, "Campbell!" including during the closing prayer yesterday. Just as he began the prayer he said (loudly), "Bwutha Campbell!

Allen also has a new friend, Hunter Smith. Since Allen has been practicing his full name -- "Ayen Huntuh Cwaig," he assumed that Hunter's last name was "Cwaig." We worked with him for awhile, and how he understands that his last name is "Sniff." Allen spoke constantly of "Huntuh Sniff" this weekend. It was very sweet.

More to share tomorrow, I hope.



Jenn said...

So sweet!

Megan Lynn said...

Wow, he's quite the flirt already! I don't know if he and Phoebe should meet since Karl has already promised Phoebe to serve at Jehovah's temple for life...she might start to wonder what she's missing!

KMag said...

You didn't tell me about all the flirting! And chatting up the fathers?! Hugging strange girls in restaurants?! Letting a waitress hold him!? What does he know about these women?!

Auntie Kissten