Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Murphy World

We're wrapped up in all things Murphy today ... we took him to the "ammal doctor" (the vet, or animal doctor), and then he went with us to the Verizon Wireless store (I left my phone in a restaurant in Atlanta, and we were unable to recover it, so I had to get another one).

Allen had a grand time at the vet's office, where he insisted on greeting every single pet that came through the door. He is absolutely fearless ... he went up to some pretty large dogs without the least bit of hesitation. He was also proud to tell everyone about "Muphy Hengicks." In addition, he was given the job of listening to Murphy's heartbeat by our vet.

An exciting day for all ... here are some highlights.



Jenn said...

Love the nap picture!

KMag said...

I'm happy to see Mia napping with you and the Murph.

PWNort64 said...

What a brave woman to post pictures of yourself napping. However, you do look most comfortable, so more power to you. The Murph is just too adorable!