Friday, April 3, 2009

Cabin fever

It was miserable here yesterday. It poured rain from about 11:00 a.m. until well after we went to sleep last night. So poor Allen was cooped up all day. No park, no walk ... nothing. Until we went to meeting last night. Everyone could tell that he had cabin fever because he was a maniac during the entire meeting.

I thought he was going to be good at first. As the meeting started, he took his songbook out, and sang with us (by this I mean he sang random words and phrases ... people's last names, "I love you," etc.). It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. But it was all downhill after this ...

He was all about testing the limits. We threatened, we talked, we disciplined. Twice as we picked him up off the floor, he bumped his head (just a tiny bit). But because he knew that he was going to be disciplined, he yelled "I bumped my head!" in a tearful voice all the way to the back of the hall. He yelled for Mommy. He climbed on chairs and stood on them. He was crazy! It didn't get any better after the meeting either. He pretty much ran around the hall about seven million times.

But, at least he looked cute ...

He was still pretty wired after we got home too ... his tie got "stuck" on his head while I was getting him undressed, and he decided he was a "piyate" (pirate).

He also decided that Mommy and Daddy were "yions" and we were going to get him. The only way to stop us was to sing the song "Bushel and a Peck." See how well it worked?

Some other gems he uttered last night (some of these he's been saying for awhile now, but I keep forgetting) ...
  • That's a big rain! (it was pouring outside and he got wet on our way into the house)
  • I want funder and yightning to seep with me.
  • Get you me (this means get me)
  • If he's looking at, say, rubber ducks, he'll say, "And another one duck, and another one duck ..."
  • I'm so sweet
  • I'm so silly (I tried to type silly the way he says it, but it would be too many Ys)
  • What's home? (he says this when Mia starts barking at the door or window, instead of who's home)
Oh, and in other news, look at the awesome tights I was rocking last night. Aren't they fabulous???


KMag said...

Your tights are too fabulous. Can I have them? I keep trying this and no one will give them to me.

I wonder why?

Jenn said...

Love the tights and the dress!! How fun! Love Allen's outfit too! Not looking forward to when Amy is that age.

drevas said...

Allegra - Allen looks so much like you in that first shot it's freaky. We had a big rain here Friday. So glad to see the sun again.