Thursday, April 9, 2009

Memorial recap

I'm so proud of Allen right now. He was such a good boy last at the Memorial. We discussed the Memorial events a few times this week (including reading the week's Bible reading with him), so I think he had an idea of what to expect. But, he knows what to expect every Sunday and every Thursday (typically) and that doesn't always guarantee a well-behaved boy.

First of all, he was very cooperative while we got our seats (we had about 285 people, so it was pretty crowded). We sat next to Sister Adjei. He talked to her quite a bit and asked, "Where's Brother Adjei? I need to go find him." Then he saw him in the back of the Kingdom Hall and said to her, "There's your brother Adjei!" It was so cute.

Then, he laid down on the floor for the beginning, getting up only to watch the passing of the emblems. He whispered to us a few times, but for the most part was very well-behaved. He sang during the closing song (so sweet), and said "Amen" after the prayer (after all of them, actually) ... and then, "It's all done? It's all done. Yay!"

He made quite the impression on the visitor sitting behind us. She said to me, "He was so good. Why was he so good?" And she wasn't joking around. She wanted to know why he behaved so well. I explained that he is always at the Kingdom Hall -- he's been coming almost since birth -- and that we also work with him on his behavior while there. And that we went over what was going to happen tonight with him last night. She was very impressed.

Like I said, I'm so so proud proud, in fact, that I forgot until just now that a young, newly married sister approached me right after I came into the hall (after Allen) and told me that Allen reached up her dress and grabbed her butt. Hey, we're all imperfect ....

I managed to rig the camera on the stairs for a family picture ... and we got a few others (including shot of my awesome skirt find). Enjoy ...
He's shoving his face between the spindles of the staircase on that one. Pretty, isn't it? A nice close-up of his lovely chapped lips.



drevas said...

Love the skirt Leggy! Great stories as always.

KMag said...

Great skirt! Loved the stories. Laughed aloud that he reached up the sister's skirt.


Jenn said...

So proud of Allen too!! What a good looking family you guys are!