Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good mood; gems

Hello my friends. I hope you are all well this evening. Myself? Well, I had a pretty good day. My mood seems to be improving with each night that passes without two-year-old legs in my back and hands in my hair. We're up to three nights in a row now. We're very proud. So proud, in fact, that I bought Allen two little gifts today at Teaching Carolina. Here's one of them:Lovely nesting blocks from Melissa and Doug (which is where I got this lovely photograph).

Plus, I went shopping for some Memorial attire this evening. Brian expressed a desire for a new shirt and tie, and I wanted something new as well. He asked me to try to "be reasonable." And I was. I told him what I wanted to spend (on one shirt, one tie, and an outift for him), and I spent $2 less than my goal and got two shirts, three ties, and a skirt. Yay me! (I'm too lazy to take pictures of the clothes tonight, but perhaps we'll do a family photo on Thursday and post that).

Sorry, I digress. Back to the peanut. Three adorable interchanges stand out in my mind today. One is a little difficult to explain, but I'll share the other two.

Here was out after-nap conversation, as I was refilling his milk:
Allen: Mommy, I'm so happy!
Mommy: Really? I'm so glad you're happy!
Allen: See. Right here (pointing to his eye). In my eye.
Mommy: How come you're happy in your eyes?
Allen: *Blank stare*
Mommy: Is it because they're excited to be looking at your new toys?
Allen: Yes!

I have a (rather long) video to share with you that showcases the other adorable incident. But I'll provide a brief prologue first. After chasing each other around the house, pretending we were "Snapper" T-Rex (another story for another day), and as we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, Allen informed us, "I'm goin' upstairs to change. I'll be right back." After he finally let me follow him upstairs (at one point, he told me. "No Mommy. You stay there on the stairs."), Brian wisely suggested I bring the camera. Here's what I captured:
WARNING: This video is over three minutes long. I promise not to be offended if you don't watch it, or if you stop watching mid-way through.

And some cute stills of Allen changing:

I tell you ... it's never dull in this house! Speaking of which, don't forget to enter my first give-away!!


KMag said...

Allegra, I can't help but notice that after all of Allen's "changing," he was still in the same clothes at the end of the video. Maybe he was "changng" his jammies drawer. Or perhaps his room.

Thanks for sharing these gems with us. I love it.


drevas said...

Definitely take a Memorial family photo. My mom always took a photo of me and Meggy on the first day of school and one in our Memorial dresses next to the tulips by the front door. And now you have all those lovely flowers! Oh and I'm taking one of me and Lenny too. ;) Well, I guess I'll have to have someone else take it.