Thursday, April 9, 2009

Elephant, regression

The second half of the week around the Craig household is pretty crazy. Mommy is off to work, and Allen is playing with "Miss S" all day. So when Mom and Dad get home, things are hectic ... trying to get dinner ready, and to finish laundry, and to talk to Allen. I think Allen has decided to take matters into his own hands.

Last night, he walked into the kitchen, and said, "Take a picture of me." And this is what we saw when we turned around:
Here he is admiring himself in the mirror ...
To add to all the craziness, one of my customer's asked if she could borrow some stuff for her grandchildren while they're here this week. We lent her Allen's Lightning McQueen trike for her 2 1/2-year-old grandson, and the exersaucer you see below for the six-month-old. Once Allen saw it, he seemed to regress fairly quickly, as you can see.

Once I cleaned up the above toy and loaded it in the car to take to my customer, Brian had to work to console Allen because he was crying so hard over the loss of his rediscovered toy. But once he found out that a baby needed it, he was OK.

Speaking of regression, Allen ended up in bed with us almost all night last night. Yesterday morning he awoke screaming. He told me later that he screamed for Mommy because "a big jet was hurtin' me" (we live in the flight path of the local Marine air station). I don't think a jet was flying at 6:00 a.m., but he may have dreamed about it. That fear seemed to stick with him last night. Hopefully tonight will go better because both Mommy and Allen were pretty tired this morning.


KMag said...

what is the picture frame like thing he was holding around his head? he is a very compassionate little bugger that he was okay when he found out a baby needed his toy.


Jenn said...

Love the regression shot! Amy is about to get one of those activity centers- K- you are right, he sure is cute and compassionate!