Friday, April 17, 2009

Sassy and sick

Allen has a cold. I took him to the doctor today, after four days of a fever, and waking up with no voice myself (after coughing half the night). The cough could be turning a little "croupy" so we got a prescription for his cough. For Allen, not for Mom. Mom gets no relief except from Delsym and NyQuil (and the joy of sharing my pillow with a dust-mop dog and a 2 1/2-year-old coughing in my face and somehow managing to get his foot down my underpants ... I don't know how he does it, but it happens).

Anywho ... tonight was our anniversary dinner with Nana & Papa. We took them to Wren. Pam and Missy came along too (they arrived here at about 3:00 this morning). Nana & Papa offered to us that we could reschedule, but I had already thought up my outfit, and Allen is actually better to take out when he's sick because he is very mellow (maybe subdued is a more accurate term). I had also already picked out his outfit for this evening. I was not about to give up the opportunity for the two of us to look so sassy and handsome.

Wren did not disappoint. Once again we all enjoyed a fabulous dinner. Most of us had either a salad or an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert (Nana even ordered one). Some of us enjoyed wine, a cocktail, or beer. Even so, the bill was extremely reasonable. I was really pleasantly shocked.

And other than Allen having a brief meltdown because he could not play with a palmetto bug (Warning: link will show a picture of the insect), the evening was fairly stress-free. (For those of you not familiar with the south, palmetto bugs-- aka roaches -- are very common down here. It's not like seeing a roach up north. In other words, it does not indicate a lack of cleanliness, nor is it any cause for alarm or to call the board of health or anything like that. Sadly, they're everywhere down here, even if you keep your house/restaurant/shop spotless).

We snapped some pictures of the sassy outfits before bed. Here they are (photos of my makeup and jewelry are included).
Given that he is really not feeling well, and barely uttered 10 words at dinner, and was nearly asleep until he heard the waitress say, "Here are your desserts" (and then didn't even finish his chocolate cake because he felt so bad), this was the best shot I could get of Allen.

Here's Brian modeling Allen's bucket hat (which Allen refused to wear at all this evening).
Here's me looking like a total idiot. But it's the only picture of the outfit we have because Brian thought it was "perfect." What paste is he eating. Anyway, as you can see "The tights" made another appearance.
Here's the necklace I wore this evening. It's an original Hannah Keim. She's the daughter of artist Elena Madden. She makes these adorable "clay creatures" (this one of her dearly departed Great Dane) and we sell them in our shop.
Here's a shot of my eye makeup and my hair. I had to take these myself because my husband quickly lost interest ...
And a closeup of the eye makeup. Sorry it's so washed out by the flash. If I wasn't so tired and feverish, I'd have photoshopped thse pics first, but I didn't. So you'll just have to deal with it.
Well, that's all the excitement for today (well, not really, but the rest of it was Joli related. You'll have to visit that blog for the latest news there. Which won't be posted until later this weekend because I'm sick, and I need to go to bed). We're off to the soft shell crab festival tomorrow, and working on the pirate ship on Sunday. What are you up to my friends?


KMag said...

Okay, I can definitely see the new mascara in these pics. Very nice, very sassy indeed.

I'm glad dinner went well. I guess I'll have to call you to get all the dinner who ate what.

Love ya,

PWNort64 said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all in spite of the health issues.

Love the outfits and the makeup. And I just have to say that you look just like your mom in the closeup self-shot.

Hope you all are feeling better soon.

Love and kisses, Paula

Jenn said...

Allen looks adorable=love the outfit! You look great= love how you color coordinated the tights.
Hoping you and Allen feel better!