Friday, April 10, 2009

Jurassic Park

OK, the title of this post is a little silly. But as cheesy as it is, it make perfect sense ... read on and see why.

This is Allen's favorite book right now. He really enjoys all of his DK children's books (we have a pretty nice collection), and tends to pick a new one to fixate on every few weeks. I don't normally mind because they're short and interactive and focused on the pictures so Allen absorbs them well. But, dinosaurs aren't really my thing. Especially not the meat-eaters and "fierce hunters" (as the book calls them). Not to mention that it's taken me weeks to prounounce their names fluidly enough that it at least sounds like I know what I'm saying.

So, you know how there was a lion in my bathroom a few weeks ago? Well, today there was a baby T-Rex and a baby Baryonyx (or was it a Barosaurus? I can't remember now). Fortunately, they stayed out of the toilet for the most part (except once when Allen decided to flush them). Where were these dinosaurs' parents, you wonder (because you know I was wondering why they left them for me to watch)? At the park, waiting to play with Allen (see, do you get my post title now?). He told me he was going to go in the house with Barosaurus, and ride the see-saw with T-Rex (sadly, I was actually envisioning this stuff and thinking, Barosaurus is way too tall to fit in the house, and you'll go flying off the see-saw once T-Rex sits down).

I wish ya'll could've seen my little boy holding these imaginary (or clear as his mom used to say) dinosaurs, petting them and saying, "Awww. It's OK baby." How ridiculously sweet (and bizarre). His imagination amazes me. He told me that they were hungry. "What do they eat?" I asked. Adult dinosaurs apparently eat "hot dogs," and the babies eat "juice treats." Who knew?

Hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did. More later, I'm sure.



KMag said...

You mean you didn't know that adult dinosaurs ate hot dogs? That could be what killed them. It makes perfect sense that the baby ones eat juice treats. I bet Allen had to feed his friends.

Jenn said...

DK books are great! I can just picture him petting the dinosaurs!