Monday, April 6, 2009

Progress report; Serenading at bedtime; Give-away!

We're very proud of Allen because since we implemented the "progress chart," Allen has slept all night in his bed FOUR times (woohooo Allen). If the stickers on the chart are any indication, I'm thinking Allen's going to be a non-conformist. He's not big on putting the stickers in the squares. It's enough to get them on the paper (the ones on the wall surrounding the chart are a result of one morning last week while I was in the shower). Though you can't tell, we've gotten two of those stickers two nights in a row, and we're working on three-in-a-row tonight.

As usual, we had a very amusing evening. I initially brought the camera upstairs for bath time so that I would have pictures for my blog. But, Allen is not one to disappoint, so we got a bonus video too. But first, here are the highlights of his post-bath dry-off.

Could my child get any cuter? I didn't think so either, until he started serenading us. I promise to send a gift from Joli to the person who can decipher the most words/phrases from this video. Oooh ... my first give-away -- how exciting. I'm not kidding either. Post your guesses in the comments, and I'll announce the winner next week.

Have a great week, and don't forget to enter to win my first give-away!!!



KMag said...

in no particular order

a Mommy, a Daddy, A B C, sing with me, hammers, don't want, get cowboys, k z bop, and a kids won't you sing, k z bop

What do I think this means? I think he loves you sooooo much that it can only come out in song.

Jenn said...

and the swings and hammers or showerrs? dont want and dont want cowboys and one your katie or crazy bugs and the ABCs and Jehovahs , the mommys and the mommys, and daddy and I know the kids , won't you sing KC or KD or crazy bugs?? and the bugs and the poops and the chairs and crazy bugs and the 3 A's...

drevas said...

and as a donut...and hammers...and as a hammer they don't want that cowboy-e...and a A B C...and a mommy and a mommies and daddys...and a kids...won't you sing