Friday, April 24, 2009

Delicious, chocolate-faced dancing boy

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this week, Allen's new word is delicious. I wanted to share with you just how cute it is when he says it.

Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard?

Also, if you have been reading my shop blog, you noticed my chocolate-y face the other day when I dipped into the supply of our new chocolate bars (seriously, ya'll, this chocolate is awesome. I don't normally like dark chocolate, but I'm quite smitten with this company's dark. Their milk chocolate is delicious too).

As I was preparing myself for the photograph (yes, it was staged), I wondered how in the world my child gets chocolate all over himself in mere seconds when he's just eating a Hershey's Kiss. So I watched him the other night as he ate one. I'm still not sure how he does it, but here's an adorable picture of him with chocolate lips.

He also decided to entertain us with his new found dance moves. Here's a still shot of it ...

Dancing seems to be an ongoing new thing with him. He's been showing off his skills throughout the week, like tonight when we were getting ice cream. He was sitting with Nana on a bench, and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was on the shop's radio. Of course, I was dancing while standing next to him, and Nana was bopping around and singing too.

Suddenly, Allen says, "I need to get down," slides off the bench and starts dancing. We stifled laughter, as Nana asked, "Who taught you to dance? Papa?" Fortunately, he provided me with a brief reenactment tonight before his bath ...

Some other cute stories from the week ...

He went to Miss "S's" house Wednesday, where he played a piano for the first time. Miss "S" played the ABC song for which he gladly sang along. That evening, as we were leaving the grocery store, Allen said to me, "I need to practice my song." I asked him what song that was, and he started singing his ABCs.

After the meeting last night, Allen walked/ran his laps around the Kingdom Hall several times. He was having a grand time, so when I picked him to take him home, he began screaming and crying. As I'm carrying the screaming/flailing/rigid child out to the car (while everyone is staring), he starts yelling, "I need to go back in the meeting!" over and over again. It's hard to be frustrated with him when he expresses himself that way. I figured we should just be grateful that he wants to be there, right?

This afternoon, I was looking at a book about budgeting. Allen kept trying to turn the pages, and look through it. Then he says, "Read ponts atime!" I'm not sure how I knew, but I said, "You want to me to read, 'Once upon a time?' "Yes! Ponts atime."

I think those are the highlights of our week. What are you all up to for the weekend? I'll be painting a pirate ship for most of it. Can't wait till I can show ya'll pictures.



KMag said...

I laughed aloud at "deyicious," Josh came to check on me. I smiled and squinted over the dancing (the video was a little dark). And I loved that he had to go back to he meeting...even if it was just to "run his laps."


Jenn said...

Yes, his deyicious is adorable. I can relate to his dancing moves:)