Saturday, April 11, 2009

Performer; big brother material?

As you know, Allen has become quite fond of singing lately ... "ABCs," "Bushel and a Peck," and his own compositions (by the way, don't forget to enter my give-away). Well, last night we went out to dinner, and Allen sang those first two for a good ten-15 minutes. Loudly enough that other patrons heard. Amusingly enough that he was applauded.

This morning we went to IHOP. He decided to impress the little girl in the booth next to us with the ABCs. Then he broke into one of his own compositions. Loudly enough that other patrons heard. Amusingly enough that at least half the staff came to watch. Rather than the attention embarrassing him, it seemed to fuel him to form more. I'm glad he isn't shy, but at the same time it's sometimes a little much.

Tonight we finally got together with our good friends, the Easley/Stokes family and Allen got to hang out with Cai. We sat down to dinner, and Allen was at his typical spot at the head of the table. He looked around at everyone, opened his arms wide and said, "All these brothers ... all these friends!" It was one of the sweetest things he's ever said.

Based on the picture below, I'm wondering if Allen's ready to be a big brother. What do you think? He looks awfully happy to be interacting with Cai, don'tcha think?

Here's Allen sitting with Anthony.
And some new pics of Cai.
Cai wasn't too fond of Murphy ...


PWNort64 said...

Uh, I'm a little behind. But are you trying to tell us something?

Allegra said...

no no ... just that we've been thinking about it. no bun in the oven yet.

KMag said...

You better not tell us that way.

I laughed aloud at his "All these brothers...all these friends." He is just too much!