Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Allen-isms, Part II

Of course we thought of more as soon as I shut the computer down last night ...
  • Fancy shoes -- what he calls his new sneakers (because that's what Daddy called them once).
  • Pizzie -- pizza
  • Mommy car too? -- Is Mommy coming in the car too? (also works with Daddy or Nana)
  • Go see 'im? -- What he says when he wants to "see" whoever we're talking to on the phone (male or female)
  • Peepee potty!
  • O O O O P! -- His attempt at L M N O P
  • E E Eagles! -- His attempt at E A G L E S Eagles!
  • Ome On! -- Come on! (think PopPop)
  • Aw nuts!
  • In the hole! -- he says this when he's watching Daddy play his Tiger Woods game on XBox 360
  • Push car! --when he wants to push his car (that he can ride in)
  • Ean up, Ean up! -- when it's time to clean up his toys, or the milk he spits on the floor, or the Cheerios he knocks on the floor (you get the point)
  • Mote -- remote
  • Ceem pease -- when he wants Mommy's body cream, or diaper cream
  • Awww wight -- all right
  • Yeash -- leash
  • Snuggle Mimi, Mimi kissing -- when he wants to snuggle Mia or she kisses him
  • I ty it? -- when he wants to try something ... usually something he isn't allowed to have, or when he sees a picture of a toy (he gets very upset that Mommy can't make the toys in the catalog appear in the house immediately)

That's all I can think of for now ... I'm going to try to go to bed (the Phillies are on, and as of now they're up 3-2 ... go Phillies!!). XOXO loves!

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KMag said...

I love O O O O P! One day he'll get 'em all and you'll wonder where all the extra Os went.