Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Boss

The boss is at work with me this afternoon. We're usually not open on Sundays, but there is a House tour in the neighborhood this afternoon (which includes my parents' house), so we wanted to be open for the exposure to those outside of the neighborhood. We've had some good traffic so far, but it's quiet now that the tours are in full swing.

But, I digress ... Allen (aka the boss) is supervising me here. We have a nice little setup for him, and here he is enjoying it (and watching ... you guessed it! Cars)

Pretty clever, isn't it? Daddy thought of it, and it's working out fabulously ... though we have been outside quite a bit as well ... looking at the fire engine, chasing Orca (the black & white cat next door), and herding customers inside. He stood in the doorway of the shopped, gestured into the store, and said, "Inside!" It was a big hit!!

In other shop news, I was awakened last night at midnight by the alarm-monitoring company informing me that the burglary alarm was going off at the shop. Fortunately, there was no break-in and the police officer was standing right outside when it went off (there is a police annex at the fire station next door), so he responded quickly. And it only woke the upstairs tenant, not any other neighbors. So that was good. But boy, did it scare the bejeebers out of me!!

I'm sure I'll have more to post this evening, but I thought I would share this picture now.


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KMag said...

I think you may have solved any childcare problems in the future. If Mom can bring her dogs, you can bring the peanut. Well that's what I think anyway.