Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God's What Part 2

We tried it again tonight ... we still don't quite have it. Tonight's discussion ...

Mommy: Can you say God's Kingdom?
Allen: God kingmon
Mommy: Kingdom
Allen: Kingmon
Mommy: King
Allen: King
Mommy: Dom
Allen: Dom
Mommy: Kingdom
Allen: Kingkong

We ended up at the end with God Kingmon and decided that was close enough. What a cutie.

Mommy and Allen went in service this morning with Nana. Daddy was supposed to come too, but he had a freelance CADD job, so we were happy to leave him home working. Allen was such a good boy in service. He rode in the stroller and was such a good sport about it. Nana and Mommy ended up having a really great experience in service too, so it turned out to be a fabulous morning! I'd love to share the story, so if you'd like to hear it, send me a comment or email me and I'll tell you.

Not only was Allen fabulous in service, but he was fabulous while we ran our errands too. He didn't fuss AT ALL while we went to lunch, to shop for plants, or to shop for groceries. He did, however, attempt to kiss a baby girl. So Mommy had to explain that we don't kiss strangers. He was not real happy with that, but he did eventually get over it.

We sat on the potty again tonight before our "tubby." But we had no success. He kept saying, "Pee-pee potty" after we got out of the tub, but he wouldn't sit down on the potty. He did go pee-pee on the floor though. So, we're slowly getting there ...

Goodnight my loves. XOXO.

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KMag said...

Kingkong and peeing on the floor. Raising a child happens in baby steps. Get it? BABY steps! I crack myself up.