Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vanity, Demands

Brian and I have taken to getting ready at about the same time in the morning, since we're both home now. So, as we were making ourselves beautiful this morning, Allen was sitting on our bed watching Backyardigans and playing with McQueen and Boost (or Keen and Boots). Suddenly he starts screaming "CARS ON TV CARS ON TV." He was insisting that he watch cars. We did not give in.

Then Daddy got him dressed ... I don't know why I let him do it. I walked in and decided he's too young to be going for the monochromatic look, and went to get a different shirt. So I took off his other shirt, and Allen stands up and looks at himself in our dresser mirror. He was totally checking himself out! We told him to flex, and he did. If only I'd had the camera.

A little while later, Daddy walked into our bedroom to find Allen standing on the bed again, looking at himself in the mirror, with his shirt pulled up. What a vain little boy :)

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KMag said...

Leggy, the apple does not fall far from the tree.