Sunday, October 26, 2008

Awesome Day for Philly Teams

We are celebrating in the Craig household this evening ... not only did the Eagles beat the Falcons (27-14), but the Phillies won game 3 of the World Series (10-2). We were speculating with our fellow Philadelphians about what will happen tomorrow night if the Phillies win the World Series in Philadelphia. We're thinking that all h-e-double-hockey-sticks will break loose :)

Anyway, I wish I had pictures of the Peanut with baby Cai tonight, but unfortunately I was holding both of them most of the time, so I couldn't. He was very sweet with him though. He was very concerned when Cai starting crying. "Cai's cying ... you OK?" He hugged him, gave him his binky, and kept asking if he was OK. He also showed him his various Cars toys. And he called Cai's Pop-pop "Steeb" or "Steben" instead of Steven.

Despite the fact that he had no nap today, he was really well behaved. The rest of the afternoon at the shop was uneventful. Tisha, Tasha, and Nyomi came to take him home, but he refused to go so he stayed with Mommy (I think he was worried that I couldn't handle all the people on my own).

He herded some more people into the shop, and then danced for them. It was all very cute and sweet. And then he did very well tonight with Steeben, Tasha, Sis-Ny (aka Sister Ny as Nyomi likes to be called), and Cai. He even kissed and hugged everyone goodnight and went right upstairs with Mommy and Daddy without one single complaint. Sometimes he's just so angelic ...


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KMag said...

I can't wait to see him!
I will see him tonight!
It's almost worth leaving
my Joshy and my dog.

I'm singing this, can you tell?