Sunday, October 12, 2008

Payer Pease

I'm proud to be able to blog that today was a meeting with absolutely no taking Allen out (except when he leaned back and cracked his head on the corner of the arm of the chair). He did not need to be disciplined once! We have not had a meeting with such good behavior in some time now, so Mommy and Daddy were extremely proud of him!

Brother Marconi ("Coni") was wrapping up the Watchtower, and he said that the speaker would give the closing prayer. Allen said, "payer?" And I whispered, "Yes, after we sing the song." Well, when he heard the music, he started to cry, and he said, "Payer pease!" I thought that was so sweet until I realized that he knew the meeting was over after the prayer, and that's why he wanted it. As soon as we said, Amen (and before Allen said it), Allen said, "Cars pease. We go now?"

At lunch, he overheard me telling Nana that Nyomi was bringing mac and cheese for dinner. So he started yelling (and yes, I mean yelling) "Mac and cheese pease! Mac and cheese pease!" We were at a Mexican restaurant for lunch, so mac and cheese wasn't really an option, but he did devour the quesadilla that we gave him.

It's Sunday, so that means that it's Eagles day, and it also means that the Easleys/Stokes came over. Once again they provided dinner (fried chicken, mac and cheese, cornbread with blueberries, macaroni salad, collard greens). Once again it was delicious. And once again, I was extremely happy because I didn't have to cook (we did, however, provide beer and wine). It also means that "Baby Cai" was here.

Allen stood at the door when they arrived. "Baby Cai! Baby Cai!" he said. Unfortunately, Baby Cai was sleeping, so Allen very sweetly went off and played by himself (I have to say that he was so good all evening playing by himself with his cars). When "Baby Cai" woke up, Allen asked to "care" him. So we went over to the sofa so he could hold him. Allen stroked his hair and kissed him. It was so sweet I could have cried. Sadly, I have no pictures of this because I was sitting with them (to make sure Allen didn't drop him), and Daddy was totally engrossed in the game.

I did get some other cute shots of Micai though. There were probably 16 or 17 fabulous shots of the cutie, but I will only post my two favorites tonight.

I wish ya'll could have seen Micai at the meeting today. Boy was he dressed to kill! He had on a vest, a red tie, and a madras plaid blazer. He was so unbelievably cute. His mommy got a picture of him all dressed up, so if she sends it to me I'll post it. He was ridiculously handsome!

As I mentioned earlier, Allen was such a little trooper this evening, letting Daddy watch the game and Mommy gab with the girls. But at one point, he came to me and said, "Mommy change." So I took him upstairs, and indeed he had a dirty diaper. And it had irritated his skin. So we put "ceem" on it, and we gave him some Motrin, and we took him downstairs in his jammies. And again, he was such a good sport, playing by himself, until he started fidgeting and told daddy, "Change pease." Poor baby ... but as long as he got some "ceem" he was good to go.

We took the camera upstairs to bed with us, and took some pictures of the new photos adorning his room. Here are a couple shots of Mommy's "creativity" (Aunt Kissy requested that I post these):

That's the extent of my lame attempt at being all cute and scrapbook-y and creative. Anyway, we snapped a couple shots of the bedtime routine as well (there was a picture of a crying baby in the book Allen was "reading"; he said "Amy cying. Amy cying." All babies are "baby Amy" at the moment).

Mommy and Allen snuggle (you will notice a picture where Allen has "Mommy hair.") while Daddy reads (one book of his choice, and then a "Bible Book" story).

That's all for tonight, folks. Love and miss those of you I know. Those first time readers out there, let me know who you are, so I can love you too! XOXO.


PWNort64 said...

He is just absolutely too cute. I want to meet him in person and snuggle and play with him. I want him and Henry to grow up to be friends! We gotta figure out how to make that happen.

ps: I've tagged you to share 7 things about yourself! You can check out my 7 things HERE.

KMag said...

I can't wait to see him next week. I promise that I will watch Cars with him. What other movies might he "need?"

Very creative frame. Good job.