Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sock Boycott

It seems that Allen is boycotting socks ... yesterday's nap apparently consisted of him working to get his socks off. When he called me about 45 minutes after I put him down for his nap, he was holding up one sock, very proudly, saying "Sock! See, Mommy?" The other one was under his blankets (I don't think he actually slept at all during his "nap.").

Today, I walked into the house to see him sock-less as well. And when it was time to "snuggle Mommy," her socks had to be removed as well. Seriously ... there was a tantrum brewing if I did not remove them promptly.

While not directly related to this post, Allen was barefoot when these pictures were taken. Plus I feared the wrath of my few readers if I posted today without pictures of the kid.This is Allen enjoying Daddy's new beer glass.

*Note: for those readers who don't really know us, and/or who comment on random blogs without knowing the person or bothering to read the full story, this glass is EMPTY. No beer was actually consumed.


PWNort64 said...

You crack me up!!! Thanks for sharing

KMag said...

He looks as happy as his Daddy does when he actually drinks a beer!

Sockless=Papa's influence

I love your little note at the end there. You go girl!