Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Allen and I read this story together today. I read it to him two or three times, and then he read it to me. Here's the video (it's a little long ... almost 3 minutes).

We got Allen's lunch ready today before we got our own done, so Daddy prayed with him separately. When Daddy and I sat down to eat, we held hands, and Daddy said a prayer for us. Allen looks over at Daddy and says, "Hand pease. Hand pease," and held Daddy's hand during the prayer, and said "Amen" at the end. Such a sweetheart.

During lunch, Mommy read today's text (taken from Luke, about the seed sown on fine soil). I asked Allen if he knew who said that, and he said right away, "Jesus." How smart is my kid?!?!

We also called Aunt Kissy (to brag about my genius kid), and Allen decided to talk to her. She said something to him, and he says, "What?" like he's all irritated. Then he told her to cry, so she did. He stared at the phone for a second, and then handed it back to me, like I want nothing to do with this! He's too much ...

I'm sure there are more fabulous stories, but I just got my massage from Missy and I'm very out of it and relaxed, and I can't think of anymore. Goodnight, my friends.


KMag said...

Chicky Boom BOOM!

'nuff said.


KMag said...

Okay, I meant ChickA Boom BOOM!


Dana Miller said...

This is HYSTERICAL :) .. leggy that's totally you