Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Wheels

We took a trip to Target this afternoon (my favorite place). I wanted to get some picture frames, and Allen wanted "toys, pease."

After we picked out all of my picture frames (I have like a million pictures to frame), we headed over to the toy department to see if we could add to Allen's Cars car collection. And of course, we did. Tonight, he added "Chick" to his posse.

While Daddy and Allen checked out the cars, Mommy wandered the rest of aisles to see if there were any other toys that Allen needed. As she walked by the riding toys, she saw something that Allen HAD TO HAVE! A Lightning McQueen tricycle. It was so cool. It has buttons (Allen loves those). It makes noise (Allen loves that). It lights up (he loves that too). So I ran back to Daddy and conferred with him briefly before we took Allen to check it out. Allen's face lit up right away "Keen!" he said. We asked him if he would like to have a trike that he can ride like Mommy and Daddy ride their bikes. "Yes!" he said.

So we loaded it into our cart and went off to find him a helmet to wear with it.

Here he is trying it out tonight ...

The helmet and pads are Sesame Street. Don't you love the elbow and knee pads?

XOXO to all!

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KMag said...

I just want to eat him up! He looks like such a big boy on that trike.