Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maisy Follow-up

Sadly, someone was offended by my brief recap of our life with sweet little Maisy. Obviously this person does not know anyone in our family, and has assumed that we are selfish and heartless people.

Rather than finding out more details of the story, the person decided to anonymously post several rather hateful comments on my blog. Because I believe in each person's right to express his or her opinion, I am not going to remove these posts. I am, however, going to clarify things a little bit more.

I will reiterate that I was the one who was pregnant. Contrary to "anonymous'" comments, my husband and I were very responsible and did have Maisy fixed (we also would have been thrilled if she had been pregnant). Additionally, while Maisy was fabulous and we loved her dearly, we were concerned over her medical condition that was not being managed well with medication. Each seizure was worse than the one before, and we feared for her safety, and ours (sometimes in the moments after a seizure a disoriented dog can turn on its owners).

Perhaps it is cold and heartless of my husband and I to put the safety of our child first, but that is what we did. A close second was the concern that, being sleep deprived and overwhelmed as new parents, we would forget to give Maisy her medication ... therefore being unable to care for her in the way in which she deserves. Because we wanted our baby and our dog to be cared for in the best way possible, we decided we could no longer have Maisy in our home. I'm sure that any other parent or soon-to-be parent would have made a similar decision after learning the dangers of a dog with epilepsy (both to the dog and to little ones around it).

Again, "anonymous" did not bother to inquire further into the story, so he or she does not know that we tried to find someone to adopt her. Only after being unsuccessful in this did we take her to the SPCA in hopes of her being adopted into another loving family. I would like to think that she is happy in someone else's home.

Anonymous, I invite you to post a comment any time that you would like, but please refrain from using curse words, and please make sure you've gotten your facts straight before attacking me (I'd also encourage you to create a profile so that comments can be replied to privately). I admire your fierce and loyal love for animals. I am most definitely an animal lover myself, which is why we took Maisy into our home in the first place (and still have another dog which we happily introduced to our baby boy). Best wishes to you and your family.

P.S. Thanks L for coming to our defense, too. Miss you and love you!


KMag said...

you go girl! you were much nicer than I could have been!


PWNort64 said...

What a contrast to the "anonymous" poster. You're my hero.

I love you guys! Paula

Aunt Adventure said...

What a beautiful contrast and response. I am proud of you for being mature and a bigger person than I would have been.

I have a LOT of work to do putting on the new personality!