Friday, October 3, 2008

Haircut, Snakes

Daddy has a knack for watching the most bizarre and/or most disgusting things on television. I don't mean disgusting in a dirty or immoral way, but in a graphic medical way. So at the moment, we're watching a show on Discovery called "Bitten." It's about nasty snake bits, and let me tell you, this show is not for the weak-stomached. Oh wait ... it's not just about snakes, but also about spider bites and bees and stuff too (we just saw a preview of what's coming up next). Grreeeat ... here come the nightmares :)

By the way, Daddy does not put these shows on when Allen is awake. He would never subject him to that. Just Mommy. Anyway, I'm telling you all about this for two reasons: 1) it might take me awhile to get this post out; and 2) I'm hoping that if I blog about it, I won't have nightmares.

Onto much more pleasant things ... Allen woke up crying at 3:00 this morning, so he got in bed with us. This morning he woke me up, stroking my hair and saying "Aye aye, Mommy, aye aye." It was the cutest thing. It didn't last long ... then he was saying "nacks pease. TV pease. Milk pease," and on and on until we got up. OK, until Daddy got up.

Allen, Missy, and Daddy dropped me off at work, and went to lunch at Luther's Rare and Well Done in downtown Beaufort. According to Daddy, Allen did very well, and apparently is now on a cheese sauce kick (he dipped all of his lunch into cheese sauce). After lunch, he tripped and fell and scraped his elbow. Here's a photo of the "boo-boo."

It's actually a little bit worse than it looks, but it's not too bad. He's really obsessed with it though, especially when there is a band-aid on it.

He woke up from his nap this afternoon calling, "Daddy, wheere arrrre youuuu?" After we brought him downstairs and he had time to wake up, he says to me, "Ome on Mommy, let's go. There's nacks I want!" It was so funny.

This evening, while Daddy and Missy ran to the store, Allen and I shared a honey crisp apple, and I convinced him that he should let me cut his hair while he watched Diego. So I got him in his high chair, and he ate "petzels" while I cut his hair. It turned out very well. As a reward, he got to have a "pockis" (popsicle) after dinner. He was hilarious!

Really, could he be any cuter?? I leave you all on this fun, grape-y, messy note. XOXO.

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KMag said...

Apparently I missed this post the first time around. This is definitely a perk to the "you might like this" widget. Anyway, I think I like it better when you trim the monkey's hair. And least he still has some when you're done!