Monday, October 6, 2008

God's What?

Allen now knows six of the twelve minor prophets (in the order they appear in the Bible) ... Osea, Joe, Amos, Adiah, Jonah, Mikey. Sadly, we were sick tonight, so he didn't get to share this with the book study, but we'll get to do it next week.

Allen's been a little under the weather. Not really full-blown sick, but a low fever, stuffy nose, grouchiness. So we kept him home tonight (some of the symptoms wore off on Mommy, like the grouchiness; Daddy had his own health issues to contend with).

Anyway, we read the story about Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well tonight. Our review with Allen consisted of talking about how Jesus talked about Jehovah's kingdom. I asked him if he could say that, and he just looked at us. So Daddy said, "Can you say, God's kingdom?" And this is what followed:

Allen: God camera
Mommy: Not camera, King-dom
Allen: Kingmon
Daddy: King
Allen: King
Daddy: Dom
Allen: Dom
Daddy: Kingdom
Allen: Dingdong

And so on, it went. We finally told him it was a good try, and that we would keep working on it. It was hilarious. The funny thing is that he was able to say Chinchilla earlier this evening (in reference to a Diego episode), but kingdom is just too hard to get.

Goodnight my loves. I'm off to bed to rest so I can handle field service with a two-year-old tomorrow!

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KMag said...

I kinda like God's dingdong. It's a very personal thing--Jehovah's Kingdom. Maybe he's making an association between talking about the Kingdom when he rings the doorbells? Or accompanies you for the doorbell ringing?