Monday, October 27, 2008

Kissen, Puppies

Today was the grand opening of the Beaufort IHOP. Of course, we had to go. We love going out to breakfast (even when breakfast is at 11:30). Allen had eggs, "cake" (pancakes), berries, and "ceem" (whipped cream). He did a pretty good job with all of it.

We then ran to TJ Maxx to get a couple tops for me. I left with almost nothing, while Allen made out like a bandit! There was a Cars storage case/race track that we got him so he will be able to take all his cars with him next week to Pennsylvania. We also gave in and got him some "chockate" with "spinkles" (non perils). He was in hog heaven with those. I turned around in the car and he had chocolate all over his face, and he was licking his fingers to make sure he got every sprinkle and every bit of chocolate.

After his nap we were off to pick up Kissen from the airport. Since he had not watched Cars yet today, we took our portable DVD player with us and he watched it in the car. Once we got Kristen, Allen enjoyed telling her who the different characters in the movie were. Then we picked up Tink. Lily, and Zoe from Camp Green Dog and Allen was thrilled to have "Yily" sit on his lap the whole way home. He enjoyed it so much that he really wanted Tinky and "Yily" to sit on his "yap" and Nana's house. It was all very sweet, and sadly I have no pictures yet to share with you (though Kristen may have snapped a few).

Other new things he's saying:
  • Empty -- Daddy taught him this word the other day, and he's been saying it every time he sees an empty box or plate or whatever
  • Cars hurt you! (which sounds more like "caws hut chew") -- he says this when we're near the street
  • Special -- usually explaining that someone or something is special

I can't think of anything else at the moment. I'm exhausted and hopped up on Benadryl, so my mind isn't working so well.

Go Phillies (as of now it's tied 2-2 and there is a rain delay)!


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