Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missy, Pizzie, Like Father-Like Son Part II

OK, so I confess that we did not make it to meeting tonight. Mommy ran late picking up Missy; Allen's feeling a little blah from his flu vaccine; and Mommy's feeling a little achy and tired tonight. More so than usual, at least ...

But, I did not want to head off to bed without sharing a few cute moments of our evening ...

While Allen did not utter more than two words during the entire ride to the airport, once we picked up Missy, he didn't shut up for pretty much the entire ride home. It was "Missy" this and "Missy" that. It continued once we arrived at home. He kept yelling for her and insisting that she play with him or read him stories. I started to get a little defensive, explaining to Missy that Mommy and Daddy do play with him and read to him, but then Daddy pointed out that he was just excited to see Missy, and that he really likes to include our house guests and make them feel at home. Which causes me to wonder again, how did we end up with such a fabulous child?

Dinner was pizza, or pizzie as Allen calls it. He was very excited for it, and got quite greasy eating it. But he remained all smiles ...

I'd like to continue along the theme of Like Father Like Son this evening with two stories ... while we were eating dinner, Daddy thought it would be funny to get Allen to say, "Mommy Sexy." Why, I don't know. I can offer no explanation except that he is who he is. Personally, I find the following video a little creepy, but Daddy thought it was great. Please let me know what you think about it (you may need to turn your volume up to hear it).

The second story is not at all creepy, but does feature some "bathroom humor." So if you don't enjoy that kind of thing, please skip it ...

Tonight, Allen continued in his new routine of sitting on the potty before his tubby. We read all of his little bath books while he sat, and then we got into the tub (we celebrated Allen's good try, but there was no success on the potty front). Once Allen was in the tub, he farted three times in a row, I think, and giggled at the bubbles he made. He was very proud of himself (until Mommy and Daddy started laughing, and then he got upset). Do I need to explain how that's like Daddy?

On a more personal note, this weekend, Mommy and Daddy will be enjoying student massages from Missy (yay), which is much needed and deserved, given the craziness that we have been experiencing lately (the good news is that Brian has some freelance work he's doing right now). Mommy is trying to figure out what she wants for her anniversary (not too expensive), and what to get Daddy for his gift. If you have any suggestions, please share!!

Hugs and kisses to you all. Goodnight my loves!

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KMag said...

Okay, I made Josh watch the Mommy Sexy video and his response was "That's creepy." I think it is a little weird.

I thought the pizzie pictures were hi-larious. Very cute.