Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Puckering Up!

We watched Cars again today. Allen woke up from his nap and said, "Watch Cars pease." So we did. He knows it so well that he can anticipate certain scenes. He said to me "See Mommy, see, Keen ... Keen did it!" several seconds before McQueen did something race-car-ish (flipped over or something like that). One would think that he would be getting bored with it if he can anticipate what's coming next, but he doesn't. He sits on the floor in front of our ottoman/coffee table and pushes his McQueen and Chick cars around while he watches them on the big screen.

Usually Allen puts up a fight when it's time to upstairs to bed and/or to get a tubby. But tonight, he said, "OK ... Peepee potty." So we sat on the potty before our tubbies.

After a few minutes, he said, "Tubbies now pease," And went over to the bathtub. He got his bath, and decided he needed to go peepee potty again (since we were not successful pre-bath). He kept sitting down and getting up off the potty, and at one point while he was standing, he looks down and starts to pee. I grabbed him and sat him down on the potty, but before I could get him "situated" he peed again and almost hit Mommy in the face. We finally got everything where it was supposed to be, and he did go peepee in the potty!

We celebrated and gave high-fives and all that good stuff. Daddy was telling him that when he learns to go on the potty all the time he can wear his big boy underwear. Allen said, "Dago dago" (his big-boy underpants are Diego), and Daddy showed them to him. Then Daddy decided he should try them on. So here he is showing them off to Mommy.

About 10 seconds after I took these photos, he peed in his big-boy underpants. I guess we still have some work to do, huh?

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KMag said...

I briefly thought you meant that Daddy tried Allen's big boy pants on himself. Silly Kissy. It's very good that he is aware of when he needs to pee-pee.