Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What? This is Crazy!

I've always thought my kid was pretty good. I mean that in the wow-my-kid-is-like-so-perfect-and-better-than-every-other-kid kind of way. Well, then he turned two. Um, maybe he's not quite as perfect as I thought he was. I mean, he's still really really really cute. And when he's good, he's really good. And when he's sweet he's really really really sweet (e.g., "snuggle Mommy," "my Mommy," "Love you, Mommy" followed by a kiss).

Then there are those times -- times that are occurring two or three times a day -- when he is so bad. I'd say, incorrigible, even. For instance, yesterday he decided that he needed the Sheriff from Cars. He screamed and cried about this for at least two hours yesterday evening. Time outs didn't work (at least not for long) ... talking him through it didn't work ... nothing worked.

We went to book study last night since we were picking up Aunt Kristen on Monday night. Daddy was sick, so it was just "Kissy" and Mommy. He was quiet through the whole meeting -- I will give him that -- but he made up for it in how much he squirmed around. Up-down-up-down the whole meeting. I took him back to talk to him once. Didn't work. We went back again. Here's how the conversation went.

Mommy: blah blah discipline.
Allen: What? NO!
Mommy: Excuse me?
Allen: (Long pause, while sizing up my body language). Nuffing (nothing).

It was all I could do not to laugh. Not a whole minute after we returned to our seats, he said (rather loudly), "Mommy, change." I took him back to change his diaper. It was DRY! He just knew that if he said that I would take him in the back again.

Needless to say, Daddy made Mommy a drink after bedtime.

And the Phillies just WON the World Series (like literally, at this moment as I'm posting). How awesome is that?!?! I'm practically in tears right now, watching the reaction of the team. This is amazing! I am so proud to be a "Philadelphian" right now.

I have to go celebrate, but before I go, some new Allenisms ...
  • I sink so -- I think so
  • This is cwazy! -- This is crazy
  • E-E-O-O-P Eagles! -- His spelling of Eagles
There's more, but I'm drawing a blank. I'll post more tomorrow, but lest you get angry, here's a photo of him while he was talking to Aubrey, Steph, or Annie earlier tonight ...