Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Potty, Bible Book

Allen has been asking to go pee-pee or poopy on the potty frequently the last few days. He hasn't quite done it yet, but he's showing tremendous enthusiasm. Last night, he sat on the potty for quite some time without success, took his tubby, and then peed on the floor as he was being dried off. He thought it was quite hilarious.

While Mommy was getting him ready for bed, Daddy was cleaning up the toys and grabbing a quick shower. Daddy hit himself in that place where men don't like to get hit, and made some appropriate noises. Mommy checked in with Daddy to make sure he was OK, and then Allen decided he needed to check in with Daddy too ...

Allen: Daddy, you OK?
Daddy: Yeah buddy, I'm OK.
Allen: "Okaaaay."

This exchange was repeated about every 15 seconds while Daddy showered and got dressed (until he joined us in Allen's room). Such a sweet boy, that Allen.

Mommy slept in this morning. Daddy and Allen came to wake Mommy up about an hour after they had gone downstairs. Daddy put Allen down to snuggle Mommy, and Allen promptly says, "Binky. Binky." (that's what we call his pacifier). And then says, "Bye Daddy," like Daddy was an interloper on our snuggle time. It was very cute.

Tonight we read the story of Jesus' birth in the Bible Story Book (or Bible Book as Allen calls it). Allen saw the illustration of baby Jesus, and excitedly said, "Baby Cai!" (Micai, or Cai as Allen calls him, is the little baby in our book study. He's also black. Usually, when Allen sees a white baby, he says "Owen," and when he sees a black baby he says "Cai," but evidently Jesus reminded him a lot of baby Cai). When I corrected him, and told him it was Jesus, then he excitedly said, "Jesus. Jesus. Baby Jesus. Baby Jesus! It was very cute. I'm glad he got something out of the story.

Sadly those are my only stories for today, since I was working and at the dentist today. But tomorrow Allen has his two-year check-up, so I should have something good to share with you tomorrow night. Plus Aunt Missy is coming (with her massage table ... hooray) tomorrow so I'm sure he'll be full of cuteness relating to that too.

XOXO. Goodnight!

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KMag said...

I love that he is responding so regularly to the Bible Book! That is just awesome. It's also great that he is showing such interest in the potty. Yay for you!